Shade's Landing Inc.® is a family run corporation specializing in personal protection and concealed carry firearms training.

Founded in 1995, Shade's Landing Inc. is CO-owned by Gary and Susan Shade.



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Corporate Web Site - Shade’s Landing Inc.
FirearmsAndLiberty.com - Home of some great historical documents and our online store
Our Online Store - Shop for training classes and products
Minnesota Online Training Class - Our Online/Hybrid MN Carry Permit Class
Shade Ministry - Christian Ministry
Tactical Firepower Inc. - Training and Instructional DVDs and MN Permit to carry classes
Grow Pepper Seeds - Grow your own hot peppers!

GaryShade.com - Photography Web Site - COMING in 2016
Fire Fight Tactical - Tactics

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HandgunLaw.US - Check out what states your permit(s) is valid in.

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Good advice in this scenario based training.

shadeslanding | 31 08 16 - 20:09 | | Tactics

Thinder Ranch is one of the premier training facilities in the U.S. Clint Smith is an excellent instructor and has also come to be known by his patented "Clintisms". Here is a great video on Defensive Tactics.

shadeslanding | 15 08 16 - 11:16 | | Tactics

(Gracie Breakdown)

Blue Belt Qualification Testing


shadeslanding | 10 07 16 - 12:21 | | Tactics
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